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"While other hard woods are brittle, which makes them vulnerable to shattering, this tail comb made of neem wood has won my heart."
- Carolyn, Sayre, OK


"This tail comb is multi-purpose tool. I use it for styling, detangling (has wide teeth) and also as a medicinal tool to keep my hair healthy."
- Meena Rogers, Minneapolis, MN

Advantages of UCS Tail Comb made of Neem Wood

UCS Tail Comb is made up of neem tree wood and has teeth on one side to comb or detangle hair while the other side is a tapering tail which can be used to part or section hair. UCS Neem Wood Tail Comb is actually a versatile comb, as it serves multiple purposes. Handcrafted yet perfectly finished, the UCS Tail Comb is made of neem tree wood hence comes with all the good qualities of regular UCS Neem Wood Combs. It controls hair loss and dandruff if used regularly. The tail of this comb parts your hair precisely. So you need not always depend on parlours to style your hair - with UCS Neem Wood Tail Comb you can do it at comforts of your home.

  • Full-length (Approx. 9 inch) tail comb. Well-balanced and comfortable to hold.
  • UCS Tail Comb made of Neem Wood provides perfect control for up-styling, precise parting and sectioning of hair. Fine teeth make it easy to volumize and to get uniform tension when lifting hair.
  • UCS Tail Comb is handcrafted to exacting precision from neem wood (Margosa)
  • Learn more about Neem Wood Comb.

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