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"My little cutie loves this comb and doesn't cry now. I recommend your baby comb to all mothers."
- Pam, Alexandria, VA


"UCS wooden comb for babies is exactly what I wanted. Very soft and gentle."
- Vanessa, Pittsburgh, PA

Advantages of UCS Baby Comb made of Neem Wood

Hair combing is a lovely nurturing moment between parent and child with UCS Baby Neem Wood Comb. Our Baby Wood Comb is carefully handcrafted with the wood of miracle neem tree. The teeth are very soft and round so that the combing becomes a pleasant experience for the babies and kids. The unique herbal properties our Baby Neem Wood Comb makes each comb one-of-a-kind. This all-natural wooden comb will massage and stimulate a child's scalp. With soft and rounded teeth, the comb is gentle and will not pull. The UCS Baby Neem Wood Comb keeps child's hair healthy and lice free if used regularly. Perfectly sized for a baby, toddler, or child, UCS Baby Neem Wood Comb is also small enough for an adult to tuck in a pocket or purse!

  • Plastic and metal brushes are rough on the soft & delicate scalp of a baby or kid. UCS Baby Wooden combs are soft and polished and therefore have a much softer feel than plastic or metal combs. Perfect Baby Gift Idea.
  • UCS Baby Comb made of Neem Wood makes a perfect gift for babies and kids.
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