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"This 3 piece family set of combs are just perfect for my family. Love this and surey recommend this family wood comb set!"
- Cammila, DE, USA


"I am satified with all the combs in this set... have been gifting this to friends and relatives."
- Emeth, Burley, WA

Advantages of UCS Family Set of Neem Wood Combs (3 Combs)

All 3 combs in this unique family set are made of 100% hair friendly Neem Wood. The set contains 1 regular comb, 1 detangling comb with a handle and 1 Baby cum Child comb. Neem Wood Combs are natural and have medicinal properties. Regular use of neem wood comb will control hair loss and dandruff. It is also proven to remove lice from baby/child's scalp. The UCS Family Set of Neem Wood Comb, thus, takes care of hair health of all the family. Unlike plastic combs that creates electricity while combing and pull the hair, neem wood combs are gentle, anti-static and will not snag the hair. All combs have soft, smooth and rounded combs and therefore very comfortable! The set is a perfect gift idea for anyone and at any occasion.

  • Gentle on hair and scalp. Prevents static hair.
  • Control hair loss and dandruff. Also give relief to itchy scalp.
  • All combs in this family comb set are handcrafted to exacting precision from neem wood (Margosa)
  • Learn more about Neem Wood Comb

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Family Comb Set


3 piece Wooden Comb Set for Family


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Neem Wood Family Comb Set