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"My little cutie loves this comb and doesn't cry now. I recommend your baby comb to all mothers."
- Pam, Alexandria, VA


"UCS wooden comb for babies is exactly what I wanted. Very soft and gentle."
- Vanessa, Pittsburgh, PA

UCS Gift Set of 5 Neem Wood Hair Loss Combs

UCS wooden hair loss combs are symbolic of good fortune, health and love & care. When you gift wooden hair loss comb, you actually wish good health and fortune to the recipient. In China, there is a tradition of giving wooden comb as gift. According to Chinese people, giving wooden comb as gift has several meanings. Comb in Chinese culture means 'see you everyday'. This means when you gift wooden comb you are wishing longevity and good health. Apart from the traditional benefits, regular use of these combs keeps your hair and scalp healthy and controls hair loss and dandruff.
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