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"Nice and natural! I am using this wood comb myself! I have recommended this to my niece whose scalp is infected with lice .. hope she will benefit from this comb."
- Casey, Liverpool, UK


"I love the way it feels on my scalp. The quality of these wooden combs are excellent and there is usually no static. I will certainly recommend your neem wood comb. Go for it !"
- Jena T., Oviedo, FL

Why should you use a Wooden Neem Comb?

A good quality wooden comb like UCS Neem Wood Comb benefits your hair in a many ways. If you oil your hair, then it will distribute oils throughout the strands and it won't even cause snapping. Wooden Neem Comb fights hair related problems naturally. It is scientifically proved that neem wood have antiseptic properties.

  • Wooden comb made out of Neem wood is the best. These combs are non toxic and smooth (the teeth on many plastic combs are quite sharp and can scratch the scalp).
  • A wooden neem comb works much better in very long or densely curly hair than plastic combs.
  • Leading hair care experts advise to always use natural need wood combs that are gentle. Anyone including kids can use UCS Neem Wood Combs. Suitable for men and women of all age groups.
  • Wooden combs last a long time, looks much more appealing and function much better in a healthy hair care routine than plastic combs. Wooden combs could also make good gift ideas!

Benefits of Wood Comb

If you have curly or long hair, then a wood comb is the best choice for you. Wood Combs are much more easier to hold than plastic combs which can slip from hand. Suitable for all types of hair, wood combs are also considered stylish by both men and women.

One of the significant benefit of wood comb is that they last longer than plastic combs. Even the price of UCS wood comb is cheaper than other wood combs available in the market. The attractiveness and flexibility of wood comb is a strong point to buy one for yourself and the family.

A wood comb can be very effective for detangling hair. Wood comb is highly recommended for curly or long hair that may get caught in plastic combs since the teeth generally are not as thick. Wooden combs are also naturally hypoallergenic.

A comb made of wood feels better on your scalp and makes your hair feel happy! Once you switch to wood comb - you will never go back to plastic ones!

Benefits of Comb made of Margosa (Neem) Wood

The comb we offer are made of wood of Margosa (Neem) tree. These combs are both hair and scalp friendly. The teeth of plastic combs are generaaly sharp and can thus hurt scalp, but neem wood combs won't. If you apply hair oil, then Neem Wood Comb will distribute oil better - infact all through the end. Margosa (Neem) is well known for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Here are few benefits of Neem Wood Comb:

  • Gentle on hair and scalp. Prevents static hair
  • Control hair loss and dandruff. Also give relief to itchy scalp.
  • Neem Wood combs are handcrafted and eco-friendly. They are non toxic and not harsh on your hair.
  • Neem Wood comb is a natural, non-invasive and herbal way of keeping your hair healthy!

Why Gift Wood Comb?

UCS Wood Combs are beautifully handcrafted and therefore perfect to gift to your friends and loved ones. Apart from this, there are so many health benefits associated with these neem wood combs that makes them wonderful item to gift. Wood combs signifies fortune, health and happiness. Therefore, when you gift wood comb, you wish longevity and good health to the recipient. In Chinese culture, it is very common to gift wood comb and it means 'see you everyday'. Learn more about Neem Wood Comb.

Wood Comb Reviews

"I love UCS wood comb! Will never use plastic one again!" - Jennifer, Dallas, US

"I have curly hairs. Ordered one only because I read these combs are good to manage curly here. I am happy that I bought UCS Neem Wood Comb" - Cindy, Illinois

"Very good quality combs. I will recommend everyone to switch to neem wood comb" - Priya, Pittsburgh, PA

"I am using your Neem wood comb for more than 7 months and think that my hair fall has stopped" - Marlene, Toronto, Canada

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