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"UCS sand timer are excellent toys and very good for kids, but honestly I also like to spend time with these sand timers"
- Samantha, Woodland Hills, CA


"Double compass adds utility to this great vintage looking sandtimer. Educational decorative piece"
- Joseph, London, UK

Advantages of UCS Sandtimer 10 Minutes With Double Compass

Acquire UCS Sandtimer with compass as a decor item or as an educational item for kids and students. The bright and beautiful Sandtimer with eye catching sand particles helps kids keep mind focused and concentrated over a task. Compass helps them understand about 4 directions.

  • Unlike most other methods of measuring time, the UCS Sandtimer concretely represents the present as being between the past and the future, and this has made it an enduring symbol of time itself.
  • UCS Sandtimer 10 Minutes With Double Compass makes an excellent gift idea for kids, students and people who love antique or unique decorative items!

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Sandtimer 10 Minutes With Double Compass


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