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"Looks great ... this Brass 2 Fold Telescope is more like antique piece and works too!"
- Mark Montedoro, Phoenix, AZ


"I purchased 2 Fold Telescope for my friend but i liked this.. had to order one 4 myself"
- Mary, Bothell, WA

Advantages of UCS Brass 2 Fold Telescope

Smooth finish, durability and ethnic design of UCS 2 Fold Telescope makes a perfectly elegant gift no matter what the occasion. Antique design yet real and usable. This timeless, classic and uncommon Handheld Brass Telescope boast of its traditional sophistication and brass construction.

  • Beautiful and historic, UCS Brass 2 Fold Telescope offers an elegant touch of the past with real use experience. Decorate your home or office with this antique brass telescope.
  • Gift this charming piece to any one anytime and for sure will be treasured as heirloom.

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