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"This Magnifying Glass is interesting and great for reading fine prints .. I bought this for my Grandma"
- Darlene, FL, USA


"Tortoise Magnifying Glass is a very beautiful item ... elegant desk accessory for your study"
- Alexander, OH USA

Advantages of UCS Brass Tortoise Magnifying Glass

If you or anyone else in your family or friends' circle face difficulty in reading small print, then UCS Brass Tortoise Magnifying Glass will help read newspaper, books, menus, and bills more easily. One can even view maps, pictures and reading materials over packaging like never before. And, when you are not using this as a magnifier, it is cute little paperweight with decorative value.

  • Keeping a metal tortoise in office or home, according to feng shui, helps in career advancement, attracts wealth and bring happiness.
  • UCS Brass Tortoise Magnifying Glass is an excellent gift for Kids, Students, Grandparents and also as corporate gift.

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