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"I am very fond of Tulsi or Holy Basil and wanted a good qualty tulsi necklace .. happy I found one at uncommonstuffs.com"
- Jill, Philadelphia, PA


"Great product, great price. UCS Tulsi Beads mala look great around neck and feels at peace too!"
- Angel, South Bend, IN

Advantages of UCS Wooden Folding Chess Set

UCS Wooden board is adequate in size and has a very nice smooth finish and pieces are a good weight, sit well on the board. When folded, this chess set easily fits in a suit case so that you can carry it with you.

  • An inexpensive, but very nice chess set and highly recommended for both budding and expert chess master. Very compact, easy storage and looks great.
  • UCS Wooden Folding Chess Set looks great when your playing and when your not as well. Easy to move over board and play.
  • UCS Wooden Folding Chess Set 14" is an excellent gift idea!

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