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"I simply love this mache box. Its art at its best "
- Shirley, Blissfield, MI


"Great product, very creative. Kashmir Paper Mache Box. Whoever sees this loves it!"
- Lisa, Strongsville, OH

Advantages of UCS Kashmir Paper Mache Box

Every UCS Kashmir Paper Mache Box has exquisite traditional designs painted in vibrant colors. Each piece is different and the box you receive is one of its kind. The commonly used motifs on these attractive boxes are images of the maple leaf, flowers, kingfishers, birds and other attractive figures.

  • Papier Mache is a French term which means "Chewed Paper". These boxes can be filled with the item of your choice preferably jewelry and then can be given as a gift to anyone and all occasions.
  • A handmade product of Kashmir that enhances beauty of any premises where kept as decorative piece.
  • The beauty of this item make this an excellent gift idea.

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