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"Perfect for one person, this dinner set is made of stainless steel and extremely durable. A very convenient food tray"
- Elizabeth, San Jose, CA


"I am so delighted. This set can contain all you wish to eat .. very convenient."
- Jordan Gold, Maplewood, NJ

Advantages of UCS Stainless Steel 5 Pcs Dinner Set

The UCS Stainless Steel Dinner Set is elegant, durable and a fine example of craftsmanship. The Set is reusable, easy to clean and eco-friendly. You do not have to worry about breakages like glass nor concern of harmful chemicals and germs (as found in plastic). The set of 5 Pcs Dinner Set makes it an ideal choice to conveniently serve an entire meal on a single platter.

  • UCS Stainless Steel 5 Pcs Dinner Set includes two bowls, a drinking glass, a spoon and a plate plate to carry everything from kitchen to the dining table.
  • UCS stainless steel Dinner Set does not break apart, nor chip and crack like plastic, porcelain and glass might. Stainless steel naturally resists bacteria adherence and growth, hence hygienic and easy to clean. Proper shaped body to improve grip and strength.
  • UCS Stainless steel Dinner Set is also a wonderful gift idea!

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Stainless Steel Dinner Set


Buy Stainless Steel 5 Pcs Dinner Set


Stainless Steel 5 Pcs Dinner Set


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